Our Unique Offerings
We specialize in reclaimed, repurposed, and one-of-a-kind furniture that you just can’t find anywhere else. At our store you will find upcycled pieces with storied pasts, parts and antiques from around the world, and unique designs chock-full of personality. We partner with select craftsmen and salvaging teams from all over the globe, many of our sources originating in India and Indonesia, so we have an exciting variety to choose from. In addition to furniture and decor, we also specialize in salvaged lumber, metalwork, hardware, and we even commission custom creations using our recovered resources. At South Platte Trading Co., we believe that reclaimed furniture and materials offer a depth of beauty that is hard to find in today’s mass-produced furnishings. Of course, there’s also the added benefit that these types of goods come with both an interesting history and an authentic fashionably-distressed look.

Environmentally Minded
Even more important than being aesthetically pleasing, salvaging and repurposing is something that we can do to reduce waste and use less natural resources. The major problem in the reclaimed furniture industry however, is that the typical prices on these types of materials are too high for most people. It is often less expensive to buy something new rather than something upcycled. This makes purchasing gorgeous vintage furniture or starting DIY projects with salvaged materials unfeasible for the average budget. Shouldn’t buying reused materials and furnishings be something that’s less expensive than buying new? Shouldn’t people of all backgrounds be able to find attractive furniture with a story to tell or make a sustainable choice?

We opened South Platte Trading Co. to be a solution to this problem. It is our first priority to provide beautiful vintage furniture and salvaged materials at reasonable prices. To do this, we’ve developed a unique business model and cut costs wherever possible. Our seasoned buyers have contacts all over the world, but we focus on sourcing from countries that have long histories and whose people ask for fair compensation. In addition to this, our store’s large floor can house quite a lot of merchandise, allowing us to avoid the costs of distribution centers and warehouses by shipping our finds directly to our store. We can proudly say that our inexpensive sourcing combined with our efficient shipping systems allow us to boast incredibly low prices on all of our furnishings and materials. 

One of a Kind Shopping Experience
Another main focus is on customer experience. We want our customers to enjoy shopping with us and have a unique experience each time they visit. To make this a reality, we are continually updating our store with new finds as well as helpfully adjusting prices on other items to make room for what’s incoming. Each time you visit South Platte Trading Co., there will be fresh furniture, decor, and materials. You’ll even see new sales on all of our unique inventory on a regular basis.

We have curated the items on our large floor into distinct categories or themes so that it’s easy and exciting for customers to locate something extraordinary. Whether you enjoy taking your time perusing through furnishings from disparate cultures and eras, or if you appreciate being able to quickly track down pieces from a specific place and time, we make it easy to find something perfect for your home time and time again. 

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