Dining Room Furniture

Couple setting wood dinner table in a blue room with a concrete wall

At South Platte Trading Co.®, you can create a dining space that’s unlike anything you’ll ever see at a conventional furniture retailer. Don’t settle for mass-produced pieces with little lasting appeal, devise a distinctive dining room that you can be proud of with our constantly-updated selection of furnishings from distant countries and bygone eras. Go for a rustic farmhouse look by combining a stout trestle table with reclaimed dining benches from Colonial America. Achieve an eclectic, international look with hand-carved pieces hailing from India and Southeast Asia. You can even piece together an industrial aesthetic with pieces assembled from 19th Century pipework. The options are virtually endless at South Platte, and we have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that would love to help you design the dining room of your dreams.

Furniture Row is Now the Exclusive Retailer of South Platte Trading Co!

That’s right, we’ve officially moved out of our storefront in Denver, and we’ve moved into Furniture Row stores across Colorado to better serve our customers! Find us at 4 different locations!

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